The “Feline Blessings” Cat lovers enjoy, sometimes known and mostly unknown!

We all love the “lion spirit,” finding it independent, magical and quite fancy too! Well, the Cat spirit is bang on same and then some more. Hence, it’s quite an interesting scenario when drawing parallel with a cat parent’s/lover’s characteristics and life with that of a real cat.

The most dominant trait noticed in “cat people” is that they’re quite perceptive, observant and intelligent too. They mostly prefer to sit back and observe than voice their thoughts immediately. “Cat people” are almost always self-sufficient and rarely seeking help from others, being completely comfortable in their own skin and enjoying their own company immensely.

One of the most magical qualities of “cat people” is that they’re naturally sensual like the feline species, making them attractive to both men and women alike! Being watchful, clever and protective along with the intrigue, adds oodles of charm.

As we all know, cats were worshipped as gods in the ancient times and that’s because cats carry a unique and powerful aura, known as the astral force. It’s this force which repels negative energy! So next time a cat is rubbing up against you, it’s sharing the positive aura with you, yes you, lucky you :)

Cat’s are thus quite a protective force too because this aura of theirs extends in covering their family,

home and territory. They not only protect the home from negative/evil energies entering the home but also from negative energies that may have residing from before in the house.

Lastly, the most powerful capabilities of cats are their healing abilities. Unknown to all, cats treat their masters with their auric energy fields. Thus, stroking a cat magically helps in removing stress and anxieties.

All you “Cat People” are blessed to feel their vibe all day and everyday!

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