Our Story


Our Story

As a family of loving pets, our first priority has always been, is and always will be, our 7 pets and their well-being. Making sure that they always get "the best of everything they need," is always the number 1 point on our "to-do list."

Thus, House for Paws - where pets come first, is an extension of this unadulterated love for our pets, for all your pets, all over the country! Everything offered is steeped in this all encompassing love, care and happy to share, from the goodness of our heart to the goodness of your heart 💖



Like every Indian parents, My parents too were against having dogs at home. But like every dog lover, I found a way to get my first dog, as a birthday gift to myself & my parents couldn’t say no! Though I was told that the pup I am getting is a German shepherd, he turned out to be an Indie cross and I named him, Messi.

Unfortunately, Messi was a sickly pup, falling sick frequently and finally crossing over the rainbow bridge in two years. But those two years he gave me immense joy, love and company like none other and reinforced my belief that I wants to be surrounded by dogs all my life and thus, started my journey of having more pet dogs and also adopting abandoned pups and dedicating my life to being associated with dogs forever, starting with my pet store House for Paws!



The laziest and obedient, he’s the favourite of all! He loves eggs and “his” car,
barking at everyone who goes near the car, including the family members, hahaha! Rolling in the mud is his favourite pastime and being petted by strangers, is his source of bliss, drenching you in his love licks!
Being the oddball that he is, he howls exactly four times in his sleep!



Donut’s closest buddy and an absolute opposite to him, she neither likes petting nor strangers! She’s an avid nature lover, finding her joy in chasing butterflies, birds and shadows. Daisy’s the proud mum of 7 adorable puppies and the gentlest one of the family.



A.K.A Ms. Tantrum. She’s Special because she’ll always look like a 6 month
old pup in size. Everyone thinks she is more like a cat in disguise of a dog in terms of her behaviour. Loves to sleep in weird positions and argue with you. Though not a barking dog, but if she barks it means it’s something we should not ignore, like a snake! With her blue eyes, she is everyone’s favourite



A total destroyer, he can eat anything from stone to wood to plastic. As of now, he’s destroyed wallets, sofa, wooden chair, fence, plants and counting, phew! Also, being a foodie, his favourite pastime is standing at the kitchen window, waiting for food because he’s forever hungry and never says no to food. The most alert of them all, he thinks of himself to be a guard dog and thus, he’s not friendly with street dogs, cats, pigeons or any animal for that matter



She is the most curious one and also Daisy’s sidekick. They share the same
characteristics and are seen hanging together most of the times. The slowest eater of them all, she growls at anyone who comes near her bowl. Milo’s partner-in-crime, she keeps stealing footwear and she also loves to jump and lick everyone



On our way to adopt Coco and Milo, spotted this guy and realized he’s
abandoned. He would stand outside our house for food and when during monsoons he continued doing the same, we took him in and named him Snowy, because he looks like Tintin’s dog. Unfortunately he already had Canine Distemper when we found him but he is very strong and does not stop him from being the most playful one. He likes to keep shoes with him as his treasure and doesn’t destroy them and also sings along with the hair-dryer while drying him after bath, the forever clown of the family!



Messi again! On a rainy night during lockdown, we heard a pup whining continuously. Snowy led us to the temple near our house and we spotted a pup inside, alone and whining in fear. Just a month old, he was so fragile and full of fleas and skin infection, that it broke our heart to leave him alone. Thus, unable to find his mother or a litter anywhere, we decided to take care of him. In memory of Messi, we gave him the same name, as he looked exactly like him. It has so turned out that he not only looks like the old Messi but also has the same characteristics. He is as scared as the old Messi and doesn’t want to come out for walks either. Even though the youngest, he is the loudest of them all. He is closest to Snowy and loves to trouble him the most



My wife, Catherine's pet back home in Kolkata, Rex is my most special one, as he licks and loves me more than my own pets! The friendliest German Shepherd one can come across, he never leaves my side when I am visiting my in-laws and loves to cuddle with me. He doesn't get tired of playing and loves to sit in the balcony and his favorite sport is snatching handkerchief from your hand or pocket.


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