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"I love to chase my own tail

and sniff every nook and

corner on

our walks. Licking your

face to let you know that I

care and barking to let you know

how much I missed you, I talk

to you every waking moment

I am with you. Making cute

faces and begging for

everything from your plate,

I am your forever loving best

friend for life and

so are you mine!" 

Doggily your's
Bob the Dog


"I love to see you attempt to get me

close and do all that you can to please

me some more. I love how you clean

my litter box and also get down on the

floor, to coax me out from behind

the door! I love how you stay

"paused" when I brush against

 your legs and then watch you

thaw, when I deem to play

 with you and my paw. I love

that you let me roam my

way and please,

forever stay

that way!"

Meowingly your's
Pixie the Cat


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